Career Tips For Job Seekers Over 50

Career Tips For Job Seekers Over 50

Sometimes getting back into the career world after working the same position for awhile can be a challenge. Navigating through this process might be daunting and overwhelming for some, but it’s not impossible. These tips below can help you transition into a completely different career and avoid getting overlooked for new opportunities.

Refresh your job-hunt skills. If you’ve been in the same position for 15–20 years, you may need a refresher on what’s new in the workforce, what employers seek in a résumé, how to format résumés for applicant tracking systems, and new job search techniques, says David Duche, an employer specialist at WorkSource who runs seminars for job hunters over age 55. WorkSource offers classes, workshops and access to Jobscan software, which helps job seekers analyze their résumés and navigate ATS programs.

Understand the ATS. Many older job seekers don’t understand that a job search requires “tailoring the résumé each time to a specific employer’s requirements to show a match,” says Duche.

But be sure to keep track — multiple versions of a résumé can quickly become a digital disaster. Save a copy by company name and position, so you can quickly find it later, Duche suggests.

Edit your résumé. Trim your résumé to the last 12–15 years — there’s no need to reach back to jobs you held in the ’80s and ’90s, Duffy says. Including older jobs on your résumé may get you excluded by screeners such as recruiters and HR managers.

“Recruiters are not keen on looking at prior job history,” she says, but rather want to know “what you’ve done lately that’s germane to the title or position you’re seeking.”

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