Brad's Deals is Hiring and They Want to Connect With You!

Brad’s Deals is Hiring and They Want to Connect With You!

Brad’s Deals is hiring and we want YOU to join our team. And we are glad you found us here. Posting our open roles on Noirefy is incredibly important to us because not only do we want to ensure that our team is as diverse as our users, Noirefy is an organization that we have been fortunate enough to support and use since early in its start.

To ensure that we can be an organization that attracts a diverse team and supports our team members both inside and outside of the organization, we offer flexible scheduling and the ability to work remotely to accommodate our team members’ needs and lifestyles. We provide a three-week paid sabbatical for team members to decompress and learn or do something new… or nothing at all!  We find out team members come back hungry and invigorated with fresh perspectives. Our work with our Women’s Tech Accelerator cohort celebrates and elevates female founders, but also gives our team experience with mentoring in a diverse tech setting.

To ensure that we stay transparent and effective in our work, remote collaboration tools enable our teams to contribute to projects from wherever they are, whether they’re working remotely while home with a sick kid, visiting family abroad, or just waiting for the cable guy during the dreaded four-hour window. We have also hosted, collaborated with, and support other community groups such as Girl Develop It and Rails Bridge. Our commitment to diversity naturally brings a broader range of viewpoints and talents to the table.

Brad’s Deals isn’t just devoted to helping to cultivate female tech talent both internally and in the broader Chicago community, but walks the walk – women comprise 50% of the executive leadership team, 66% of senior leadership, 69% of management, and 56% of all employees.

Current Openings:

Digital Marketing Specialist 

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Analyst