4 Ways To Grow Your Career Without A Promotion

4 Ways To Grow Your Career Without A Promotion

The New Year brings so many expectations and emotions. Some of us are excited about the future. Others are restless in the present, while the rest of us are left feeling overwhelmed with all the things left undone in 2018.

Wherever you are, a strategy is needed!

Here are four actionable steps you can take today in order to advance your career in 2019:


1. Setup Google alerts – Use Google alerts to track potential employers, industry trends and job offers so that you are always in the know.  The alerts can also be used to help you research your industry and important influencers.  Use the research during an interview or to create original content (more on this later).


You can also create an alert for your name so you can see your online footprint.

ACTION STEP: Wondering what the CEO or HR Manager at your favorite startup is up to? Set up a Google alert for each of their names and Google will alert you when new items appear in the top search results.

Here’s how to set up Google alerts:


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2. Attend career-related Happy Hours – Commit to one networking event per month!  Happy hours are free and it’s a great time to let your guard down and meet new people. With the alcohol flowing, you’re bound to have a good time and connect in a meaningful way.  Whether you’re looking for business-to-business partnerships or career advice you can find it – happy hour events always attract a diverse group of people.

I attended a mentoring event this summer and met Shaniqua Davis, CEO and founder of Noirefy. Five months later she was seeking a Marketing professional and now I’m employed.  Don’t sleep on these events. One event could be the career-alley-oop you’ve been waiting for.


ACTION STEP: Scout Eventbrite, Facebook and local hashtags to find your next Happy Hour. Bring a friend to help you break the ice or strike up a conversation with a stranger by asking them where they work. You got this!
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3. Become a student again – Devote 30 – 60 minutes per day to enhance a skill or learn a new one.  Love your role but interested in a new industry? Start reading articles. Research the major players.

Now is the time to be a sponge!  Instead of binging on your favorite show after work, use that hour to take an online course.

Too busy? Use your gym time or your daily commute to listen to a podcast or audiobook.  Knowledge is only a click away – there’s no excuse for why you can’t learn something new with the 24 hours you’re given.

And the next time you have a one-on-one assessment with your boss, don’t be shy. Throw in some language and concepts you’ve learned. They’ll be sure to take notice and appreciate that you take time to learn outside of business hours.

ACTION STEP: Check out Stacksocial, EdX, Lynda or Udemy for online courses in various industries.


4. Practice your skills…outside of the workplace – Alright, this one might sound crazy but, I believe in you! If you can’t find a way up the career ladder, create the opportunities for yourself. Find teaching or speaking opportunities in order to flex your skills.

Many of us don’t even realize that we are already experts on one-three topics. So create time in your schedule to research events where they may need panelists.

Public speaking not your thing? Write a blog related to your industry.  Almost every company has a blog these days. Find a site that needs your expertise.

Love to socialize but can’t find an event that speaks to you? Create a meetup for like-minded professionals in your industry.  Experience doesn’t have to exist exclusively inside your 9-5. Expand out into the world.

TIP: Send your article idea to info@noirefy.com. We’d love to feature you on our website!



Those are your four actionable steps to take in 2019 to jumpstart career advancement! Let us know if you put any of these into practice and what your results are!


By Michaé Baisden
Website: michae.net
Instagram: Michae Baisden